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 June 2021


Wednesday 30 June 2021 - 'AD' working group meeting


Thursday 17 June 2021 -  'MD' working group meeting

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May 2021:


Monday 31 May 2021
Our efhco working group 'Research & Development'


Thursday 27 May 2021 - Our 2nd vFX 2021 


 2 sessions from Facebook, Marketing Automation to P2P live events
with Marco Kuntze, Relishing Digital UK


February 2021:


November 2020:

efhco members support

Vienna needs smiles and relief now more than ever.

The cruel event of November 2, 2020 in Vienna shocked our beautiful city and the whole world. The values of the vibrant, European metropolis were hit hard and shook its multicultural spirit and active diversity in the core.
Especially now the need for human connection is greater than ever before, even if the pandemic forces us to keep a physical distance to each other, hindering us to process all our emotions collectively.
RED NOSES is profoundly convinced that a genuine smile is a great source of strength. The same way as sincere sympathy and the positivity are key elements for staying healthy and resilient. More than 25 years ago, RED NOSES was founded in Vienna and since then, brought humour and laughter to people in need of joy in 11 countries.
Therefore, the international RED NOSES community is stepping up today,
showing its solidarity with the citizens of Vienna, and bringing smiles back
through what we know best: clowning.

We want to remind everyone about the beauty of human emotions, connection and
inspiration even during trying times.
We are happy to announce our virtual clowning visits, available in multiple languages from 10 - 12 November, all used in our colourful RED NOSES world, in German, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian and some more.


Just out now, the results of our summer survey 2020, see our report
conducted by Red Noses International and efhco:
 “The Impact of COVID-19 on European Healthcare Clowning Organisations”
showing the resiliency and creativity of our clowns.

Do you want know more about our work during the pandemic? Just click here.


October 2020:


We said a hearty Farewell virtually

with a photo show and songs to Monica Culen and Yuri Olshansky,
both founding members and until October 2020 at the our board.

Danke schön + Grazie Mille for your flowering ideas and support since 2011.



September 2020: The efhco Fundraisers Xchange 2020 went virtual!
Fundraisers from 12 Healthcare Clown organizations joined into two vFx2020
mid-September.  We shared a lot of different experiences within the fundraising field
across Europe in times of Covid-19.
Here our virtual host Fondation Theodora, Switzerland
Fondation Theodora, Sondermission Lachen

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September 2020: ‘Impact of Covid-19 on European Healthcare Clown Organizations’
a survey of Rote Nasen International (RNI) and efhco in summer 2020

In the past weeks we have seen amazing examples of how quick, creative and resilient healthcare clowning organisations scoping with the current COVID-19 crisis.

This June, efhco and RNI have created a survey to collect information on how COVID-19 affected the European Healthcare Clowns sector, working with professionally trained and paid artists and being registered in all EEA countries (+ Switzerland) and how members of the community reacted to this new situation.

We herewith cordially invite you to share your experiences with us by completing our survey, covering

General information / General impact / National and International Cooperation / Artistic programme /
Impact and Evaluation / Communication / Human Resources / Fundraising /Outlook on the future

Using the information we collect, we want to publish a report in autumn highlighting the most important challenges faced, sharing some inspiring practices, documenting if and how the sector changed and showing possible ways forward.  We hope that this will give us insights we can share with all of our stakeholders (donors, partners, beneficiaries, policy makers, artists) and which will help us to learn for future moments of change and crisis to come.

UPDATE: Over 40 professional Healthcare Clown Organizations across Europe participated in our survey - now, we are compiling the data for publication.
Thank you to all who participated RNI & efhco


September 2020 > CANCELLED due to Covid-19:

2020 Active in Research in Healthcare Clowning? 
Join the Autumn Research Workshop by efhco and H-CRIN+ in Lisbon from 27 – 30 September  2020.

 During our 3-days intense workshop we propose to share experiences among participants, present case studies – learnings and challenges, regarding research on healthcare clowning. Discuss the relevance of collecting knowledge, share good practices and strategies to involve your organization as well as potential partners. Discuss relevant topics for planning a research study and have expert supervision of ongoing European and global research.

You will find more information here or send an email to
Bom dia in Portugal!

23 - 25, 2019: efhco Annual Meeting and Board Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland - hosted by Hopiclowns Genève.
Over 50 partipants from 15 countries shared up-to-date knowledge on managerial, artistic and R&D.

APRIL 2019:
Monday 8 - Tuesday 9: efhco Fx2019, the Fundraisers Xchange in Paris, France

Board Meetings are held in Brussels, Belgium - Welcoming Ursula Fährer as new Secretary at the EU Office


Wednesday 26 - Friday 28:  Board Meeting, efhco General Assembly + Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic.
Those days included the heart warming farewell to Paulien Trapman, our outstanding coordinator and promoter of the healthcare organization since 2011.

MAY 2018:
Monday 29 and Tuesday 30: Fundraisers Exchange, Antwerp, Belgium

MARCH 2018:
Tuesday 15: Board Meeting, Paris, France

Monday 18 till Wednesday 20: EFHCO general assembly, Copenhagen, Denmark

APRIL 2017
Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 April: Fundraisers exchange, Freising/Munchen, Germany

MARCH 2017
Wednesday 29 March: Board meeting, Edinburgh, UK

October 12-14: EFHCO general assembly, Vienna, Austria

Annually all EFHCO members come together to discuss various topics at the general assembly.




In September, an article was published about therapeutic clowns in paediatrics (by Sivaramakrishnan, G. & Sridharan, K., 2016). It is an official analysis of existing research to the work of health care clowning. The conclusion drawn from the article is shown below. 

If you’re interested in the entire article go to:

EFHCO-members can find the article on outpost.


JUNE 2016

June 24th: Red Nose day in Denmark

The Danish National Red Nose day. For more information check their website and facebook

APRIL 2016

April 11-12: EFHCO Fundraising Exchange in Oslo, Norway

This meeting is a way for fundraisers across European hospital clown organizations to come together and exchange information on their best practices and different topics in the field of fundraising. The host for the exchange will be Sykehusklovnene, one of EFHCO's member organizations.

MARCH 2016

March 21-23: Healthcare Clowning International Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal

This meeting has the main purpose of getting the various actors together, and to represent the diverse fields of work present in the scene of healthcare clowning organizations. The start ideas and discussions concerning this Meeting were based on the reflections that resulted from the Leaders’ Summit held in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2013.

More info: 


Meet the members of the Committees 

The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 has three different committees: artistic, management and scientific. They are responsible for making sure that each specific area is represented and that the main questions are addressed and discussed, thus promoting the representation of diverse opinions that, all together, will help us in the construction of this community. 


The Finnish Hospital Clown Organization Sairaalaklovnit from Helsinki has won the State Award for Children’s Culture.


September 21 - 23: EFHCO general assembly in Amersfoort, Netherlands.


August 10 - 31: International clown workshop, Discover the power of creativity.

Lead by Vladimir Olshansky, the artistic director of Soccorso clown. 
In these 21 days of intensive laboratory and residential, students will learn and develop the principles and methods of the techniques of the clown-actor form, discover the character of the clown and create their own personal repertoire.



October 12-24: International Workshop on Hospital Clowning in Barcelona, Spain.

Michael Christensen and Sophie Gazel announce the second edition of the International Workshop on Hospital Clowning to be held in Barcelona, Spain, October 12-24, 2015. Enrollment is limited to 16 with 6 positions still available. The cost is 1,700 Euros. Full program details can be found at or email questions to

New members EFHCO!

Danske Hospitalsklovne has been accepted as ordinairy member! 

Nariz Vermelho from Portugal has been accepted as ordinairy member!

APRIL 2015

April 23 and 24: EFHCO Fundraisers exchange in Prague, Czech Republic.

This meeting is a way for fundraisers across European hospital clown organizations to come together and exchange information on their best practices and different topics in the field of fundraising. The host for the exchange will be Zdravotni klaun, one of EFHCO's member organizations.

Price: €300,- for non-members and €150 for EFHCO-members.

MARCH 2015

March 31 - April 4: Workshop clown theory by Jango Edwards in Barcelona, Spain

The essence of clown, in the pure sense, is a combination of innocence and maturity. The Clown Theory Encounter is a way of uniting these qualities so each participant can discover and develop their personal clown, and apply it to their life after the course is completed. A combination of 20 years of professional experience, simple awareness and common logic, enables the instructor to reveal the clown character within each of us.

Price: €250,-

Booking and info:


First International Conference on Pediatric Hospital Clown: ''Reflections on research  and training'' The conference is held on October 17th - 18th, 2014, in the Meyer Children's Hospital of Florence, Italy. This conferece aims to create an oppurtunity for the presentation and discussion amonst Hospital Clowning researchers and trainers regarding data and reflections on the clowns work in pediatric settings. More information: Coming soon.


 EFHCO meeting in Paris

- September22nd Leadership posture
        and behavior training for artistic 
        leaders by Pieree Goirand.

- September23rd Board meeting and
        general assembly.

- September24th Day of exchange,
        inspiration and debate.


Summer school in the mountains (Norway)with Patrick van den Boom and Margreet Derks by the Sykehusklovnene. Minimum number of participants are 6, the maximum is 12. More information see: Facebook

- July 12th to July 20th 2014 on ''My Everyday Clown''
by Patrick van den Boom.
- July 23rd to August 6th 2014 on ''Masterclass! Clown
& Care'' by Patrick van den Boom.
- July 23rd to August 1st 2014 on ''Make your own
Clowns act'' by Margreet Derks.

JULY 2014

The International Society of Humor Studies is organizing the 26th humor conference in Utrecht; Netherlands. The conference is held from 7 to 11 july, 2014. For more information visit ISHS 2014 Utrecht.

MARCH 2014

Join the Clown Actor Master Class by Vladimir Olshansky in Umbro, Italy! Max. of 16 people can apply for this intensive clown training. Send an email to:  Training from 26 July - 15 August 2014. For more info see


EFHCO welcomes her newest member: Hôpiclowns Geneve


EFHCO wishes everybody a happy and healthy 2014!


The general and board meeting was conducted in Freising! Minutes can be found on the social extranet and pictures can be found on our Facebook.


A research about the effect of CareClowns on elderly suffering from dementia has been added to the database.


Join and like the new EFHCO Facebook page! 

Danske Hospitalsklovne are an aspiring member of EFHCO.

MAY 2013 

The organization Sykehusklovnene, Norway joined EFHCO.  

Training Leadership Embodiment by Pierre Goirand in Paris on the 16th of may. 
Board meeting and General Meeting EFHCO in Paris on the 14th and 15th of may.
Fundraisers exchange in Antwerp on the 18th and 19th of may.


EFHCO and its member and associates applied for the EU Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships program.


EFHCO member meeting in Rome

On Monday 29 October EFHCO held its 9th meeting with the board and members. Michael Christensen was present during the meeting as honorary member. The organizations Nariz Vermelho from Portugal and Danske Hospitals Klovne from Denmark where guests.

Tuesday 30th October Soccorso Clown Italy organized the first international conference together with EFHCO.
'Towards the European recognition of Hospital Clowns: professional performing artists at the service of Health Care'
Location: Sala Pietro da Cortona, Campidoglio, Rome

Fundraising award for Rote Nasen Austria: Best funraising Spot 2011: 'Angstfrei im Spital'

Reactions on Youtube on the Dream Doctors International Conference Israël in October 2011 
and list of organizations present



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