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Wishing you all a 2021
filled with
Another big bag of Patience & Calm,
Less Improvisational Challenges than 2020
Time for Inspiration & Fantasy
New Experiences & Curiosity
Never-ending Humour & Smilesfor ourselves and others!

 Enjoy reading our annual review 2020 




 We are featured on EURONEWS !

December 2020: We are delighted that our European federation and members are featured on euronews TV and online!  The coverage shows the exceptional creativity of our clowndoctors, working under multiple Covid-19 restrictions.  Enjoy their performances, bringing humour and smiles to children and elderly in hospitals and care institutions.


Congratulations to our newly elected efhco board for 2020 - 2023!

Kenneth Ohrberg (Denmark) is now our chairman,
new Vice-Chairwoman is Caroline Simonds (France),
Coen Abbenhuis (The Netherlands) keeps an eye on the treasury,
Valerie van Gastel (Belgium) is our official Secretary General.
Susana Ribeiro (Portugal) is reponsible for efhco's research efforts.
Laura Fernandez (Germany) is reappointed as Artistic Advisor to the board.
 We are welcoming new on board Suzie Ferguson (Scotland)
and Ivana Bacanovic (Austria).

They will strengthen our professional goals in artistic matters and in advocacy!



efhco members support

Vienna needs smiles and relief now more than ever.

The cruel event of November 2, 2020 in Vienna shocked our beautiful city and the whole world. The values of the vibrant, European metropolis were hit hard and shook its multicultural spirit and active diversity in the core.
Especially now the need for human connection is greater than ever before, even if the pandemic forces us to keep a physical distance to each other, hindering us to process all our emotions collectively.
RED NOSES is profoundly convinced that a genuine smile is a great source of strength. The same way as sincere sympathy and the positivity are key elements for staying healthy and resilient. More than 25 years ago, RED NOSES was founded in Vienna and since then, brought humour and laughter to people in need of joy in 11 countries.
Therefore, the international RED NOSES community is stepping up today,
showing its solidarity with the citizens of Vienna, and bringing smiles back
through what we know best: clowning.

We want to remind everyone about the beauty of human emotions, connection and
inspiration even during trying times.
We are happy to announce our virtual clowning visits, available in multiple languages from 10 - 12 November, all used in our colourful RED NOSES world, in German, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian and some more.


Just out now, the results of our summer survey 2020, see our report
conducted by Red Noses International and efhco:
 “The Impact of COVID-19 on European Healthcare Clowning Organisations”
showing the resiliency and creativity of our clowns.

Do you want know more about our work during the pandemic? Just click here.



We said a hearty Farewell virtually

with a photo show and songs to Monica Culen and Yuri Olshansky,
both founding members and until October 2020 at the our board.

Danke schön + Grazie Mille for your flowering ideas and support since 2011.



 The efhco Fundraisers Xchange 2020 went virtual!
Fundraisers from 12 Healthcare Clown organizations joined into two vFx2020
mid-September.  We shared a lot of different experiences within the fundraising field
across Europe in times of Covid-19.
Here our virtual host Fondation Theodora, Switzerland
Fondation Theodora, Sondermission Lachen

You are interested in our next virtual Fx in beginning 2021?
Simply register for free via