CliniClowns, Netherlands



Happy Birthday dear Cliniclowns Belgium

25 years of bringing smiles into now 40 hospitals and institutions!



and we are looking forward to

September 23 - 25, 2019
Annual efhco Meeting & Artistic Workshop in Geneva, Switzerland


March 21, 2019

efhco Board Meeting in Brussels, Belgium



                                                 Vítejte, Welcome to Prague!


This year’s efhco’s Annual Meeting was held in September 2018 in the Czech capital city of Prague, organized and hosted by our Czech member, Zdravotni Klaun.

The chairwoman, Monica Culen, welcomed as guest’s two additional healthcare organizations to the meeting, from Germany and Italy, both interested in a possible efhco membership in the future.


Besides tackling the ongoing legal necessities of our European Federation (minutes, finances, memberships) all attendees devoted time on the exchange topic ‘What’s the state of our institution?’ and on the further development of efhco goals. 

Paulien Trapman, the efhco coordinator since 2011, was organizing her last meeting for efhco and would be leaving efhco at the end of September. Paulien received an outstanding Thank You from all members for her excellent job, her never-ending support and to her efforts in growing the federation and its member organizations.

The next day the attendees had the opportunity to acquire new skills or to test the waters in a workshop on aerial acrobatics, ground acrobatics, juggling of all kinds, rola-bola, rope walking or unicycle – offered by the local circus CIRQUEON.

We are looking forward meeting again next September in Switzerland.