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March 31 - April 4: Workshop clown theory by Jango Edwards in Barcelona, Spain

The essence of clown, in the pure sense, is a combination of innocence and maturity. The Clown Theory Encounter is a way of uniting these qualities so each participant can discover and develop their personal clown, and apply it to their life after the course is completed. A combination of 20 years of professional experience, simple awareness and common logic, enables the instructor to reveal the clown character within each of us.

Price: €250,-

Booking and info: nouveauclown@gmail.com



April 23 and 24: EFHCO Fundraisers exchange in Prague, Czech Republic.

This meeting is a way for fundraisers across European hospital clown organizations to come together and exchange information on their best practices and different topics in the field of fundraising. The host for the exchange will be Zdravotni klaun, one of EFHCO's member organizations.

Price: €300,- for non-members and €150 for EFHCO-members.



September 23 - 25: EFHCO general assembly in Amersfoort, Netherlands.


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The art of bringing joy and laughter to people in need -  

European Union recognizes the positive impact of hospital clowning.              

In close cooperation with Red Noses International, EFHCO has been given the opportunity to establish an exhibition centered on the profession of hospital clown, with the support from the European Commission's Creative Europe programme

This project, ‘The Faces Behind the Nose –Promoting Hospital Clowning as a Recognized Genre of Performing Arts,’ seeks to further advance the professionalization of `Clown doctors´ and show to the broader public the specificities and sensibilities of performing arts in unconventional stages.

We plan on organizing an exhibition, traveling through Europe, which will contain photos and interviews of Hospital Clowns but also of the children, parents, siblings, medical staff, and caretakers they meet.

The stories of clowns and children and their families in hospital often reflect the fact that life is fragile. Through their work, Hospital Clowns focus on the healthy part of each child and help access and tap into their spontaneity, pleasure, honesty and the unconditional smile. The images and the stories of these children are priceless and their emotional impact beyond words.

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