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First International Conference on Pediatric
Hospital Clown: ''Reflections on research
and training'' The conference is held on
October 17th - 18th, 2014, in the Meyer
Children's Hospital of Florence, Italy.
This conferece aims to create an
oppurtunity for the presentation and
discussion amonst Hospital Clowning
researchers and trainers regarding data
and reflections on the clowns work in
pediatric settings.
More information: Coming soon


  EFHCO meeting in Paris

- September22nd Leadership posture
        and behavior training for artistic
        leaders by Pieree Goirand.

- September23rd Board meeting and
        general assembly.

- September24th Day of exchange,
        inspiration and debate.

July and August 2014

Summer school in the mountains (Norway)with Patrick
van den Boom and Margreet Derks
 by the 
Sykehusklovnene. Minimum number of
participants are 6, the maximum is 12.

July 12th to July 20th 2014 on ''My Everyday Clown''
by Patrick van den Boom.
July 23rd to August 6th 2014 on ''Masterclass! Clown
& Care
'' by Patrick van den Boom.
July 23rd to August 1st 2014 on ''Make your own
Clowns act
'' by Margreet Derks.
More information see: Facebook 


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