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Nariz Vermelho from Portugal has been accepted as EFHCO's newest member. We are really happy to welcome them to our family.



March 31 - April 4: Workshop clown theory by Jango Edwards in Barcelona, Spain

The essence of clown, in the pure sense, is a combination of innocence and maturity. The Clown Theory Encounter is a way of uniting these qualities so each participant can discover and develop their personal clown, and apply it to their life after the course is completed. A combination of 20 years of professional experience, simple awareness and common logic, enables the instructor to reveal the clown character within each of us.

Price: €250,-

Booking and info:



April 23 and 24: EFHCO Fundraisers exchange in Prague, Czech Republic.

This meeting is a way for fundraisers across European hospital clown organizations to come together and exchange information on their best practices and different topics in the field of fundraising. The host for the exchange will be Zdravotni klaun, one of EFHCO's member organizations.

Price: €300,- for non-members and €150 for EFHCO-members.



August 10 - 31: International clown workshop, Discover the power of creativity.

Lead by Vladimir Olshansky, the artistic director of Soccorso clown. 
In these 21 days of intensive laboratory and residential, students will learn and develop the principles and methods of the techniques of the clown-actor form, discover the character of the clown and create their own personal repertoire.




September 23 - 25: EFHCO general assembly in Amersfoort, Netherlands.


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