CliniClowns, Netherlands

Procedure for application

If you would like to join EFHCO as a member, you can mail to secretary
Ursula Fährer, to express your interest in joining the federation. Please make sure that you have read the criteria carefully before your application. When we can follow up on your request we will then kindly ask you to send EFHCO the following documents by email and post:

  • Statutes of your organization (original language)
  • Financial balance statement of the current year of your organization (In Euro and in English)
  • Most recent external financial audit (original language - letter by auditor translated in English)
  • Activity report of your organization (a summary in English)
  • Visiting schedules of the clowns (in English)
  • Description on the artistic program and the future developments of the program, written by the Artistic Director (in English)
  • Any supporting material (brochures, film etc) on your organization (optional) (in the original language)

Once received, the documents will then be reviewed by the admission committee. 
If the advice is positive on both adminitrative and artisitic work you will be asked to receive an artistic director of one of the EFHCO members, who will then visit your organization. The admission committee advises the Board on the application according to the information received and the visit. When the board convenes they will accept the application, unless the criteria are not met. Your organization will in any case receive a notice by EFHCO.

Looking forward in welcoming you as a new member of EFHCO !