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Member Benefits

The formation of The European Federation of Healthcare Clowning Organizations, efhco , is a benchmark in the growth of this profession! I am so proud to be an honorary member!  In fostering recognition of the profession, promoting active exchanges, identifying professional standards and ethics, creating a hospital clowning data base and serving as an administrative center, EFHCO is helping to take our wonderful profession to the next level.  I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of the talented and passionate people who created it and maintain it.  Bravo!

-Michael Christensen

  • As a member you get the Quality Label for Healthcare Clown Organisations

efhco  has developed the first ever Quality Label for Healthcare Clown Organisations, which hopes to unite all organizations, employing professional hospital clowns across Europe, by 2025.

The efhco Quality Label aims to provide hospitals and health care providers with a framework for professional recognized quality standards for hospital clowning organizations to ensure best practice with all its members, thereby achieving the highest standard of professional Healthcare Clowning across Europe. The label is given to organizations who are able to prove that they can provide what is considered to be the best service to the children and other vulnerable people in care instituations.

  • As a member you can easily share information & inspiration face-to-face

efhco’s board meets twice a year as well as having a general assembly and working groups on both artistic and management developments. efhco  also aims to organize conferences and workshops annually. During these meetings and events our members will meet up to share experiences, information and exchange ideas, as they work together towards common goals. This way we can be inspired by others and can strengthen our work by creating new opportunities.

  • As a member you have access to an Intranet to share information online

Only our members will have access to the efhco intranet which will provide an online platform to link our members electronically. This enables members to get in contact with each other quickly and easily and exchange information on all kinds of topics.  You will have access to all gathered research and articles related to healthcare clowning.

  • As a member you have access to a library full of research about healthcare clowning.

efhco  is creating a database of research. More and more, research is the key factor  in convincing donors and sponsors of the positive effects the work has on children and elderly people.

  • As a member you can benefit from possible funding

efhco  asks for EU grants on working together on social and medical working fields. Also the members will jointly ask for grants on shared research. Members benefit from the outcome of these projects.

  • As a member you receive the latest news

efhco  keeps track of workshops and events that are interesting to its members.  Members are automatically informed by e-mail. These could include possible workshops, trainings, trends in the field etcetera.