Danske Hospitalsklovne, Denmark

Concerning Working in a Health Care Setting

Purpose of Visits and Professional Conduct:

  • The purpose of the artists’ visit is to improve the quality of life and well-being of children and their families including other vulnerable and sick people within a health care environment.
  • The artist will not accept any gratuities for its work or enter into any commercial or promotional activity within the healthcare unit other than that sanctioned by the Member Organization.
  • The artist will not enter into a relationship with any participant or family member outside of the artist's professional activities.

Relationship with Healthcare Staff:

  • Artists must at all times respect the work of healthcare staff.
  • Artists must not perform any task within the healthcare environment while engaged as hospital clowns other than the artistic activities that they have been engaged to perform by the Member Organization.
  • Artists will not enter into any discussions or take sides in controversies within the hospital / caring institution, complaints about service or problems between personnel.

Equal Opportunities:

  • Artists must retain their professional integrity, regardless of illness, age, gender, ethnic heritage, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, social status, political belief, education, tradition or family affairs of participants.

Confidentiality and Discretion:

  • Artists must respect the privacy of patients and their families and maintain professional discretion and confidentiality at all times. Confidential information includes anything that has been explicitly communicated, as well as things seen, read, heard, or understood concerning the patients' state of health.
  • The artist will also not disclose the identity of participants or any information contained in their medical records unless written permission is given.
  • Discretion is mandatory in all locations: inside and outside the hospital / caring institution (elevators, dressing or locker rooms, and public places).

Child Protection:

  • Artists must comply with the child protection policies of both the Member Organization and the relevant healthcare institution.

Health and Safety:

  • All artists must abide by the hygiene and infection control procedures of the healthcare unit.
  • The safety of participants is paramount and artists must not engage in activity that may
    put a participant or family member in danger or harm.