Soccorso Clown, Italy

Concerning the Member Organizations

  • Member Organizations must have the legal status of a not-for-profit organization.
  • The main goal of the organizations is to provide hospital clowning services in a health care
    environment; in particular those caring for hospitalized children, their families and other
    vulnerable and sick people.
  • Organizations must have been providing healthcare clown services for a minimum
    of 3 years.
  • Organizations must submit accounts to professional external auditors.
  • Organizations must possess and ensure compliance with their own code of ethics.
  • Organizations must monitor the quality of their work via feedback and evaluation sessions.
  • Organizations must work in collaboration with hospital administration and provide
    a schedule for visits as well as feedback on sessions.
  • Organizations must be in possession of the correct insurance, health and safety and child protection policies.
  • Organizations must employ artistic methods, must have a clear artistic policy and must employ an Artistic Director or equivalent.
  • Organizations must refuse funds of which the origin proves to be opposed to the basic rights of children and human ethics.

 Being a learning organization:

  • The organization reflects on its way of work and on the results. Drawing lessons from the reflection and translation into improved methods and effectiveness and an improvement of its cost efficiency.
  • The organization is open to debate on quality and wants to work towards an improvement of its own quality.
  • The organization listens to its target groups and tries to give them as much service and information as possible.
  • The organization strives for a transparent and clear organizational structure with divided responsibilities.