Rote Nasen, Austria

Structure and meetings


Our board of directors consists of the 6 members:

Chair:           Monica Culen, Rote Nasen, Austria

Vice Chair:     Kenneth Ohrberg, Hospital Klovne, Denmark

Treasurer:     Coen Abbenhuis, CliniClowns, Netherlands

Secretary:      Caroline Simonds, Le Rire Medecin, France 

Plus two appointed board members:

                    Yury Olshansky, Soccorso Clown, Italy

                    Susana Ribeiro, Nariz Vermelho, Portugal 

Secretariat:    Ursula Fährer


The Federation consists of Founding Members, Ordinary and Associate Members
and the Honorary Member Michael Christensen.



Our  board convenes at least twice a year.
A general assembly meeting taking place annually.

EFHCO also has three working groups, exchanging knowledge on specific themes related to healthcare clowning and the federation.

- Artistic Working Group
- Management Working Group
- Research & Development

These groups work with a fixed agenda during the General Assembly. Furthermore they exchange views and ideas on work through the EFHCO extranet. This extranet is accessible to members and provides ways to communicate, a library on research and a calendar with (European) activities.

More options to meet at EFHCO

Once a year fundraisers of the member oganizations and of non-member organizations are invited to join a two day exchange on fundraising and communication topics. External speakers are invited to inspire the fundraisers in their work.
Costs for participating in this meeting is €150,- members and €300,- non-members.