Hearts & Minds, Scotland

Structure and meetings



Our Board of Directors consists currently of the 7 members:

Chair:        Ivana Bacanovic, Rote Nasen Austria

Vice Chair: Caroline Simonds, Le Rire Medecin France

Treasurer:  Coen Abbenhuis, CliniClowns Netherlands

Secretary:  Valerie van Gastel, Cliniclowns Belgium

Assessor:   Eva Riepe, ClownMedicin Sweden

Assessor:   Margarita Galen, CliniClowns Netherlands

Plus appointed board members:

                    Susana Ribeiro, Operacao Nariz Vermelho, Portugal 

Artistic Advisor to the Board: Laura Fernandez, HumorHilftHeilen Germany

Secretariat:    Ursula Fährer

The Federation consists of Full and Associate Members and the Honorary Member Michael Christensen.



Our board convenes regularly online, at least one time a year nose2nose.
A General Assembly meeting is taking place annually.

EFHCO has currently four working groups, discussing and sharing knowledge on their specific and current topics  related to healthcare clowning regularly online during the year:

- Artistic Leaders
- Managing Directors
- Research & Development
- Fundraising

In addition these groups work with a fixed agenda during the annual General Assembly.

More options to meet at efhco

YOU are welcome!
Our online working groups are all open for non-members healthcare clown organisations, just contact us.

Once a year fundraisers of the efhco members and non-members are invited to join a two day exchange on fundraising and communication topics.
External speakers are invited to inspire the fundraisers in their work.
Costs for participating in this meeting are €150,- members and €300,- non-members.