KlinikClowns Bayern, Germany © Dorothea Lutz-Hilgarth

Objectives and activities

The European federation aims to develop common standards on competence and good practice within healthcare clowning. The federation will organise workshops and conferences on different themes that support hospital clowning and helps to explore and develop. By using subscription fees and raised funds we can support common activities and research that benefit all members. We also intend to raise awareness of the Federation’s existence and its aims and objectives.

The objectives of the federation are to:

  • obtain recognition for the profession of healthcare clowning, both in the healthcare community and with the general public throughout Europe;
  • supporting professional clown training curricula across Europe.
    The EU-funded Erasmus+ project 'Health Care Clown Pathways' helps to shape special trainings.
  • obtain recognition and its quality standards of their member organizations, both in the healthcare community and with the general public throughout Europe as defined by the charter of EFHCO
  • offer a resource center for administrative and legal assistance and documentation for member organizations;
  • fostering an exchange of information among member organizations;
  • research, identify and catalogue healthcare clown organizations working across Europe;
  • promote the best practices by an own Quality Label Audit for full members
  • promote the Federation; the work it does and its goals on a European level
  • commission, collate and disseminate Research & Development within the scope of healthcare clown work.


efhco is a wholly member funded organization.