Rire Medecin, France © Jacques Grison


Eight healthcare clown organizations saw the need to consolidate their knowledge and skill to create a federation and agreed upon a common set of goals. They became the founding members of the European Federation of Healthcare Clown Organizations. EFHCO was established on March 3rd 2011.

 The formation of The European Federation of Healthcare Clowning Organizations, EFHCO, is a benchmark in the growth of this profession! I am so proud to be an honorary member!  In fostering recognition of the profession, promoting active exchanges, identifying professional standards and ethics, creating a hospital clowning data base and serving as an administrative center, EFHCO is helping to take our wonderful profession to the next level.  I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of the talented and passionate people who created it and maintain it.  Bravo!

Michael Christensen started Hospital Clowning in USA. His work inspired many in Europe to start similar activities.

Our growing Federation has currently the following members:



Cliniclowns België


CliniClowns Belgium website

20 clowns
17 cities
30 care institutions
21.500 visits a year


Valerie van Gastel

Artistic Director

Geert Pardon

Sairaalaklovnit ry

Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00580 Helsinki, Finland

Sairaalaklovnit website

45 clowns
5 cities
8 care institutions
46000 visits a year


Aino Viertola

Artistic Director

Kari Jagt

Hôpiclowns Genève


Hôpiclowns website

13 clowns
4 cities
5 care institutions
11.040 visits a year


Anne Lanfranchi

Artistic Director

Hélène Beausoleil

Danske Hospitalsklovne


Danske Hospitalsklovne website

39 clowns
5 cities
24 care institutions
50.000 visits a year


Kenneth Ohrberg

Artistic Director

Ewan MacKinnon

Nariz Vermelho


Nariz Vermelho website

22 clowns
7 cities
13 care institutions
40.000 visits a year


Rosária Jorge

Artistic Director

Pedro Fabiao

Zdravotni Klaun


Zdravotni Klaun website

86 clowns
55 cities
112 care institutions
104.788 visits a year


Katerina Slamova Kubesova

Artistic Director

Petr Jarcevsky



Sykehusklovnene website

22 + 5 trainee clowns
8 cities
9 care institutions
9959 visits a year


Nina Eidem

Artistic Director

Vibeke Lie

CliniClowns Nederland

Amersfoort, Netherlands

CliniClowns website

78 clowns
70 cities
473 care institutions
91.586 visits a year


Coen Abbenhuis

Artistic Director

Jacqueline Kaptein

Hearts & Minds

Edinburgh, Scotland

Hearts & Minds website

21 clowns
18 cities
29 care institutions
15.100 visits a year


Michelle Armstrong

Artistic Director

Suzie Ferguson

KlinikClowns Bayern

Freising, Germany

KlinikClowns website

57 clowns
42 cities
75 care institutions
52.850 visits a year


Elisabeth Makepeace

Artistic Director

Peter Spiel

Le Rire Médecin

Paris, France

Le Rire Médecin website

103 clowns
13 cities
45 care institutions
71.000 visits a year


Caroline Simonds

Artistic Director

Caroline Simonds

Rote Nasen Clowndoctors

Vienna, Austria

Rote Nasen website

66 clowns
22 cities
174 care institutions
148.300 visits a year


Edith Heller

Artistic Director

Martin Kotal

Soccorso Clown Societa

Florence, Italy

Soccorso Clown website

31 clowns
5 cities
8 care institutions
41.000 visits a year


Yuri Olshansky

Artistic Director

Vladimir Olshansky

Fondation Théodora

Lonay, Switzerland

Théodora website

70 Giggle Doctors clowns
20 cities
58 care institutions
100.000 visits a year


Andre Poulie

Artistic Director

Nathalie Dubath

Clown Medicin

Sweden- Region of Stockholm

Clown Medicin Website

13 clowns
5 cities
25 care institutions
37000 visits a year


Anne- Marie Möller & Eva Riepe

Artistic Director

Anne- Marie Möller & Eva Riepe